Deformed baby cow born with one eye hailed as ‘miracle of God’

Deformed baby cow born with one eye hailed as miracle of God

Image: News Fiesta /SWNS.COM

A small calf in India has raised a state of shock, recently, after he was born with strange features, but he still lives naturally next to his mother.

According to Metro newspaper, the small calf was born with one eye and, more surprisingly, its nose is not at all prominent.

A video showed a standing cow licking the newly born calf. His body was normal, but the strangeness began after the neck level.
Veterinarians rule out the longevity of the calf, given the serious abnormalities in which it was born, and are able to live for only a few more weeks.

The doctors explained that the calf condition is not a miracle, saying it is caused primarily by what is called in medicine the phenomenon of “metabolism” that occurs in humans and animals.

“Concealment” by a congenital defect and anterior brain disability leads to the division of the natural diaphragm of the eyes, and then only one eye appears in the face.

This phenomenon is rare in medicine, and the animals are not more than one case out of 16 thousand.